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Land | Lot Clearing

Land and Lot Clearing allows for new construction, building additions, and to provide clearances with those structures is a necessity when you build. There are many methods of clearing land and traditional methods use large equipment to rip material out of the ground leaving numerous large stumps and trees to haul away. JCE Tree service has specialized equipment to selective clear with a lighter impact than traditional methods.

Tree Thinning

Tree Thinning or Forest Thinning is a technique used in tree management that involves cutting trees to improve functions of a forest other than timber production.

Although thinning originated as a man-made forest management tool, aimed at increasing timber yields, the shift from production forests to multifunctional forests brought with it the cutting of trees to manipulate an ecosystem for various reasons, ranging from removing non-native species from a plot to removing poplars growing on a riverside beach aimed at recreational use.

But one of the most significant advantages of thinning, is wildlife and ecosystem revival. When we clear out excessive brush, deadfall, and invasive trees and other plants such as buckthorn, it vastly improves the quality of useful habitat for the wildlife in your area and helps them thrive.

Here at JCE Tree Service, we are not only well-experienced in forest thinning, we are also properly equipped to handle any task you have for us, including:

  • Tree thinning
  • Forest thinning
  • Commercial lot clearing
  • Residential lot clearing
  • Trail cutting and clearing
  • Agricultural cutting and clearing

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