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Emergency Tree Services

While our focus is to protect your trees and property through scheduled inspection and maintenance, it is impossible to totally protect your property from severe weather. Following severe storms, JCE Tree provides emergency services such as removing trees from houses, clearing roads and driveways, and pruning or removal of trees that could lead to personal injury or additional property damage. Our experts are skilled in storm damage cleanup and dangerous removals. After storm cleanup is complete, we will assist you with your insurance claim.

We are on call 24-hours a day, so when a storm hits and you have fallen trees give us a call. We will use our heavy equipment to clear fallen trees from buildings and driveways or perform temporary pruning and install temporary supports on trees that can be saved. Sometimes we just do a “make safe” job and return after the storm to complete the work and clean up the debris. Storm Damage (Clean up and removal).

Storm damage is a priority with JCE Tree Service LLC. If you get storm damage call JCE Tree Service LLC at 715-426-0179 and we will come out right away!!! If possible same day service. We offer 24 hour emergency service so call anytime day or night. One of our goals is to make our customers and their families safe, especially when bad weather strikes. You can count on us to take care of your needs and insure that it will be done in a safe manner no matter what the situation might be.

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